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mercredi 2 mars 2011

Make Money Online by Uploading and Sharing files Online with Fileserve!

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Make Money Online by Uploading and Sharing files Online with Fileserve!

I know for sure that there are hundreds of Internet users, who are earning cash on the Internet with or without their niche websites. As for me, you have to look for reliable information about earning free money online in your free time. Today I’d like to give you a bit more information about a new way of earning money – sharing files for money.

Get paid to upload websites are earning good money from Internet advertising, which is located on your file download page. File hosting websites earn enough funds to pay their users up to 20 dollars per one thousand file downloads. Depending on the company you decide to work with, you will be paid for media files from 2megabytes to 2gigs.
I really hope that you will find selected earn at home niche newsworthy and I would love to give everyone of you some info about a website, which is paying us to upload and share media.
Paid to upload revenue sharing offer – how to make money with is a extremely popular free file hosting site, where registered users can make up to 25$ per one thousand media file downloads. Being a member of Fileserve you will be capable of making income by uploading your files and inviting other users to this one of a kind website. As soon as you manage to earn 25$, you will posses a chance of requesting a cashout to your verified PayPal or account. I don’t want to give you just general information on how to earn money from home by sharing documents and media files with, so I will go a little bit into detail.

Just like any other get paid to post website, which pays you for spreading your download links and for all downloads your documents manage to receive, here at File Serve anyone is capable of uploading files for free. All the data uploaded by you will be stored for free and will be kept alive for a while. Sharing links is pretty easy, especially, when you see your first money roll in (that is the best encouragement you could possibly get).

First of all, lets talk about pay per download rates at The best thing about this site is that payout rates do not depend on some levels, so no matter where you live and who downloads your files, you are getting paid good money for downloads.

Some quick advantages of earning money by sharing with Fileserve:
1) As I have already claimed, there are no user statuses and payout rates – you get everything you manage to earn or even more, taking into consideration special bonuses and awesome referral program.

2) Depending on the sizes of files your will be downloading, pay per download rates range from 3 to 25 dollars (which is just a killer deal). Apart from this, there is an unlimited download capability for free and anonymous visitors and as you may have figured out that is extra profit, for sure.

3) All downloads are counted, but some of the countries bring your more revenue, some of them do less, but you are getting cash for all downloads, which is just awesome (compared to many other sites I got to review).

4) Awesome publisher tools – numerous functions, unique, specially developed remote upload tool and painless uploads via FTP access

5) Referral revenue sharing program needs special attention – any users will get a referral percentage of 25% (try to refer as many friends as possible in order to set up yourself a free and automated income stream).

Group A. Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Group B. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Australia, Sweden
Group C. Oman, Malta, Gibraltar, Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Sierra Leone, Belgium, Latvia, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, South Africa, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Turkey, Iran, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia
Group D. All Others
Pay per download rates at

Here are some easy steps to get your process of making money online started with
First of all, register yourself a free account.

Right after this anyone is able to upload files, spread download links and get paid for every successful download.
Spreading download links is the part, which requires work, so try to do your best on this part, it’s vital. For example, you can add your download links to all possible forums and bulletin boards or even post short overviews on your blog. Make a blog and post your link on that one. Be creative and you will see the money coming!
In the end, for every file download, money will be added to your account. All payments will be made using payment processors like – Paypal, ePassporte, Payoneer or WebMoney. Right now minimum amount to payout is $20. completes all payouts every Monday.

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